Green Stripes on Cufflinks - Unisex cufflinks, cufflinks for Dad, Husband, novelty cufflinks, Cufflinks for wedding

New to the collection, green stripes on your cufflinks adding elegance to your attire. 
Here are personalized unisex cufflinks available for special occasions like Christmas, New year or any party. 

Make your cufflinks stand out from the crowd, personalize it with signature designs. 
These cufflinks are designed using my design collection.You can personalise them by choosing your favourite dog's silhouette choice . 
These cufflinks make a great gift for fathers, sons, nephews, uncles, grooms, best men ow any women. 

Made from: 
Silver tone finish cufflinks with supplied gift boxed . 

These cufflinks have a 20mm diameter face with an image area of 17mm. 

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